Model your domain knowledge in the cloud

Kamala is a knowledge platform for organizations and people to link their data and share their knowledge. Key features of Kamala: smart suggestions, semantic search and efficient filtering. These help you to perfect your knowledge model and give you powerful, reusable search results.

Publish your own model and build your own application.

Why Kamala?

Online collaboration

1Work together in one model at the same time sharing your knowledge and content quick and easy. Have your ideas reviewed by your colleagues and share your music collection with your friends.

Smart suggestions

2The knowledge you enter in Kamala helps your work process with smart suggestions. Start typing the name of a relation and Kamala offers suggestions based on persons in your knowledge model. This makes entering information much faster helps to minimize errors and duplicate entries.

Semantic search

3Our powerful search queries and results based on Solr can be stored and shared with colleagues. You can create and update your own personal filters.

Design your own app

4Everything is possible in Kamala. Develop your own structure, your own knowledge model and create your own application. Use Kamala to manage customer relations, keep track of laws and regulations, or publish your knowledge as a service.

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