1What is it?

Kamala is a collaborative knowledge platform for organizations and people to link their data and share their knowledge. Because Kamala is completely knowledge driven, users are supported in their process to quickly add and maintain information. In Kamala, you get smart suggestions, semantic search and efficient filtering. This allows for less errors and powerful, reusable search results. Publish your own model and build your own application.
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2Who is it for?

Kamala can really help your company if you deal with data, knowledge and search issues. Do you have several sources of information which you want to combine in one knowledge model? Do you want to structure any kind of information in your organization into an intuitive, searchable application? With Kamala, your knowledge is stored in one place and always accessible, whether it is in the cloud or behind your firewall.

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3How do I use it?

With the knowledge platform you can create any application you want. Choose one from our bundle collection or start from scratch: anything goes. In our bundles, we offer a CRM app to keep track of your leads and customers. Other bundles include: event planner, thesauri, Dublin Core, e-learning and more.

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